When stupidity just isn’t funny

To borrow a quote, it's a terrible thing to lose your mind.Starting with the obvious: Most people who have cause to even remember her name tend to think former SNL gagster Victoria Jackson is nuts. The reasons why escape recall, since most don’t really care, anyway. But whether it was drugs in her heyday, the eventual feeling of rejection that comes when people realize they just aren’t funny, or some untold head trauma, the Victoria Jackson that has emerged in staunch opposition to President Barack Obama has either gone completely bonkers, or else is trying a new approach to comedy that just isn’t working.

We’ll go with Alec Jacobs‘ summary for The Daily Caller simply because it’s easier to read without making your head explode than the actual article.

In a column written for WorldNetDaily called “The 3 scariest things about Obama,” Jackson writes that Obama is a socialist “(like Hitler),” controls the media “(like Hitler)” and has the right to form a private army “(like Hitler)” according to a provision in the health care reform bill. (Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ star Victoria Jackson blasts ‘Glee’)

(The private army she refers to in the health care bill is actually a “reserve corps” of medical professionals who would act in medical emergencies and be involved with disease prevention.)

Other things Hitler and Obama have in common, according to Jackson:

  • their fathers were communists and alcoholics;
  • they both had white mothers;
  • they moved often as young people;
  • they changed their names (Jackson is likely referring to Obama going by a nickname, “Barry,” in his younger days);
  • they both gave big speeches in large venues;
  • they both had youth groups;
  • they both “pretended to be ‘Christian’”; and
  • they both advocated for population control.

An excerpt of Victoria Jackson's Facebook page.What’s more is that Victoria Jackson actually seems to believe this stuff. At her Facebook page, she encourages people to, “Spread the truth around before we aren’t allowed to.” Apparently, she expects Obama to send his emergency corps of doctors to kill her.
No, really.

I would really, really like to think this is some sort of Kaufmanesque revival, but, frankly … um … right.

Meanwhile, I wonder what her former SNL castmate and fellow conservative mouthpiece Dennis Miller

“One of the biggest malfeasances of the left right now is the mislabeling of Hitler. Quit saying [President George W. Bush] is Hitler.”

—has to say about Ms. Jackson’s venom.

And, you know, I’m aware that there is a certain value one can find—and it doesn’t take a tremendous effort—in the village idiot. But there also comes a point when such stupidity is just not funny anymore, but, rather, arouses either pity or contempt. Pity, because we might be persuaded to believe she simply cannot help herself; contempt because she ought to know better.

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