Write your own punchline

Something about “traditional marriage” goes here. Or maybe “family values”. Paul Foy reports for the Associated Press:

A couple accused of kidnapping their daughter on the eve of her wedding pleaded guilty Wednesday to a reduced charge and a judge ordered mental-health professionals to evaluate them for actions he called “clearly irrational.”

Julia Redd, 58, and husband Lemuel Redd, 60, pleaded guilty to custodial interference, a misdemeanor, capping the legal end of a family spat over their daughter Julianna’s choice for a husband ….

…. The parents had originally been charged with kidnapping their 20-year-old daughter in August 2006. The Redds had picked up her to take her shopping to buy religious garments for the ceremony in a Mormon temple, but instead drove more than 200 miles to Grand Junction, Colo., where they spent a night in a motel.

Their daughter has said her parents berated her on the drive, accusing her of breaking the Old Testament’s Fourth Commandment, which says to honor parents. She said they called her fiance “evil and wicked.”