Good News, Everyone!

“Lady Teldra wakes up, realizes she’s just a collection of gender signifiers, and goes back to sleep. You’re welcome.”

Steven Brust

Never mind.

Coming October, 2014Anyway, Corwin says … er, at least we think it’s Corwin:

His next project as regards Vlad is Vallista, something he may or may not be working on at this very minute. Even though it’s Saturday afternoon. He says his boss is a dick, as though that were an excuse. I won’t say I interviewed him, but I did get permission to run this review and may have attempted to collect facts overtly. Stalkings by sexy fangirls never came up. He is clearly having no fun at all.

Oh, right. Cover art. Hawk.



No, really, do I need to disclaim that’s not a real spoiler? So help me ….