Crumb does creation (and more)

Although I’m not much for the comic and graphic novel market (I think my library consists entirely of one adaptation of Re-Animator and one of Rawhead Rex) the forthcoming project by R. Crumb has my attention:

Having already given the world Mr. Natural, the cartoonist Robert Crumb has finished his long-awaited work about another mystical gray-bearded figure — namely, the Almighty — in a comic-strip retelling of the Book of Genesis, The Guardian reported. On his Web site,, Mr. Crumb, right, announced that after four years he had completed the project, adapted from the King James Bible and a translation by Robert Alter. The finished work, “Robert Crumb’s Book of Genesis,” is scheduled to be released on Oct. 19. “It’s very visual,” Mr. Crumb said, according to The Guardian. “It’s lurid. Full of all kinds of crazy, weird things that will really surprise people.”

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