Nizza leaves The Lede: Good night, good luck, and all that

Even though I haven’t been doing my job as a blogger of late, one who has is Mike Nizza, who finished today his seventeen months over at The Lede, and with it eight years at the New York Times.

It is impossible to overstate how much fun it has been to follow the news along with you, and the many amazing reporters and editors at this newspaper who pitched in on The Lede — especially the names that close readers will recognize: Patrick J. Lyons, John Schwartz, Micheline Maynard and the good folks from the Moscow bureau.

As I leave The New York Times after eight years to work for Atlantic Media, I want to offer a big thanks, for reading, for commenting, for correcting, and for playing along with the jokes (even some of the bad ones). It’s truly been an experience of a lifetime.

So while it is far too soon to declare victory for The Lede, it will be up to my successor to continue the mission. As for me, I’m about to do something extremely unusual: I’m finishing up a post, but I won’t be looking for the next one. That is something that I’m really, really going to miss.

Okay, I admit it, Mike, I wasn’t a regular reader of The Lede, but I did recognize your name whenever I saw it or heard it here and about. Good luck, man. I’m as sure as I can be this isn’t your last appearance in the realm of the blogosphere.