Where he lays his head is home

Wow. Okay, so I’ve had this one sitting around for a while. Ted Wilson reviews The Manchester Village Motor Inn“:

Ted Wilson Reviews the WorldIf you ever need a place to stay while your lawyer and the bank are figuring some things out, I don’t recommend the Manchester Village Motor Inn. For one thing, they make you witness a robbery when checking in. The robber is armed, will seize your wallet and refer to you as “bitch-face.” This is an incredibly traumatic way to begin one’s stay. Then you have to call 911 yourself and even check in a few guests before the police arrive because the desk clerk is in tears and afraid to get off the floor even though the gunman is clearly long gone.

See, the thing is that I have this folder on my desktop called “Today”, and, well, yeah. November 24. I’m sure there’s something older in there if I look.

And I’m sure there’s wisdom in there. If I look.