But That’s My Brain You’re Talking About

There is no specific answer . . . .

Conversations go wherever they will, but it also feels really, really stupid to actually stand there and say the words, “And if it kills me?” Honestly, I just don’t understand why the discussion really would need to go that far.

It may well have taken two and a half years to recover from the last time. And that’s presuming such repair and recovery is actually finished, which is itself a problematic definition.

Still, though, why not? I mean, I get it. Here, instead of just blindly telling you to try buying this and if that doesn’t work maybe in a year we’ll try buying something else, now we have a test to tell you what to buy, and if it doesn’t work, it only takes a couple years to recover, at least, but, hey, why do that, because you can just take the new, improved, updated test again and try buying something else, and at some point, being wrong can kill people.

But never ask the question, because we already know the answer:Say what?

“And if it kills me?”
Don’t be silly.

This is not some simple thing, like switching mouthwash. That we might achieve a need to ask the question explicitly would seem significant.

Last week in silly ….

Just call it one of those strange things. You know, like—

Rock band Led Zeppelin were labelled “old fashioned” and “unconvincing” by BBC producers when the group took part in a radio audition in 1969.

—”Say what?”

I mean, right. You know? Says the BBC:

Documents from the BBC’s archive reveal that producers invited the group to appear on a trial basis only and criticised their performance ….

One member of the 1969 audition panel said the band were “not for daytime radio – specialist listening only”, while another described them as “derivative” and “unconvincing”.

And, according to a third, the group had “an old-fashioned sound”.

Famous last words?

I mean, come on. It’s forty years later and nobody has really caught up. I can get that they didn’t go over well with a BBC listening panel in 1969, but really? Old fashioned? Derivative? There’s something ironic about that; I just can’t put my finger on it ….

So, yeah. Anyway. Today in self-generated headlines. Or, I guess, last Thursday. Whatever. Insert weak punch line here.