Brief remarks on human frailty

This is something you never want to read

Mr. YukA Florida man is accused of child abuse for allegedly putting bleach in his baby’s bottle.

But he says he simply made a stupid but innocent decision based on some bad parenting advice ….

…. From the county jail, the first time father, said he thought he was helping his sick daughter – who’s suffered from breathing problems since birth.

“I was told by another friend of mine that giving baby a top of bleach, just the top of it would help her breathe a little better,” Carron said.

Instead, she threw up and her panicked parents called 911.

Carron and his family insist it wasn’t intentional.

“It wasn’t a smart thing to do but Carron doesn’t know, this is his first baby,” said Chianti Washington, Carron’s sister.

“It was a dumb decision on me. I heard someone else did it so I wanted to try to help her,” Carron said.

—but I did, so now I’m passing it along, because the only way to get rid of a mindworm is to communicate the parasite to someone else. Dilution is the only known cure. (And no, it isn’t tremendously effective.)

Allow me, please, the luxury of a rant:

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