Three words: My … Bloody … Valentine

I only started hearing about this a few days ago, and then a friend sent me the link last night, and now it’s, well, real.

Tickets are on sale in the UK as of this morning for the return of My Bloody Valentine. The word in from Pitchfork:

People, it’s on. Dust off your tremolo pedals, don your best pair of kicks, and get ready to gaze like its 1991. The time has come to announce a return to the live stage for a little band called My Bloody Valentine.

The news comes fresh off Kevin Shields’ confirmation that the massively influential shoegazers are indeed back together, and follows months of speculation about a MBV live return ….

…. And if Shields wasn’t pulling a fast one last week, we have plenty more to look forward to from the Valentines in 2008. Actually, we’re supposed to get a new album this year, but seeing as it’s mid-November already, we won’t be too terribly shocked if that doesn’t happen. Apparently another disc is in the works too.

It’s too early, as I understand it, to speculate about when or if this reunion will bring MBV across the pond to save us all from … er, uh … you know, most days I like the fact that I don’t pay attention to the Top 40. But it really sucks when you’re left pulling for a joke. Save us from … uh … Daughtry? Sure, okay. Um, seriously, I only know that name because I saw it on the Puyallup Fair marquee in September. And I was dumb enough to be curious about who that was. Ye gads. Shite, he was on American Idol? Well, that explains it. (See? There are advantages to not paying attention to what’s popular.)

So, yeah. With at least one new album on the way—I hear it’s been waiting to be finished for a while—we can at least hope.