Where were we while you were … Y’know what? F@ck you!

John Doran brings us the news:

John Doran's August 29 headline for The Quietus

I tried really, really hard to like this band. Just couldn’t do it.

Fat handed rock lummoxes Oasis have finally been put out of our misery after splitting up yesterday (Friday).

The band, responsible for one good album, one alright album and a lot of cunting misery on top of that have split up five times before due to constant squabbling between the band’s chief song writer Noel and genetically ‘curious’ singer, Liam ….

…. Earlier it was announced the band had cancelled their second gig in the space of a week because of “an altercation within the band”. Rumours at the time of publication that the brothers had fallen out after a heated debate about Jacques Derrida and the death of the author with Noel subscribing to a hard line Plato/logocentric position with Liam unable to convince him of the need to consider “fookin’ Roland Barthes” remain unconfirmed.

I could respect a band for breaking up over Derrida. It’s a lot harder to respect a band for being Oasis.

It’s not so much that rock and roll is “safe”, or “clean”, or anything like that again. It never was. But somehow the thought of an Oasis-less world lightens the burden of being human.

Yeah, I know. They were bad, sure. But were they really that bad?