For that belligerent-looking brew

‘Tis true. I’m not sure what how to feel:

Guinness Red is the latest variant to be developed by the good folk in Dublin. Hops, water and yeast are combined as usual but the barley is lightly roasted, giving it a rich red complexion.

This gives the drink a ‘well balanced, bittersweet character’, the brewers claim. The new stout will contain similar alcohol levels to the other versions of Guinness, about 4.1 per cent, and will also cost the same. It will keep its distinctive white head and will require the same patience-testing two-step pour.

According to the Daily Mail, there are no plans to market the stuff in Ireland itself. The brew is testing in British pubs, and may not make the trip across the pond.

And, you know, normally, when I hear the word “red” associated with beer, I tend to think of a rich, warm hue, an inviting tone. Something, I suppose, other than this:


(A nod and a wink, and a tipple of the hat to Mo.)


(What …?)