What? It’s a funny picture.

Over at Wonkette, Ken Layne was apparently trying to be funny.  And, apparently, he can be from time to time.  (I’m not a regular Wonkette reader.)

As the nation slips into a new “Not So Great Depression,” Republicans are embracing a new kind of Compassionate Conservatism that should appeal to poverty-stricken people who’ve lost their homes, jobs and traditional abhorrence of homosexuality and pedophilia. Leading the new effort is Wisconsin Republican leader and Brown County GOP Chairman Donald Fleischman, currently facing charges of child enticement, contributing to the delinquency of a child and exposing himself to a child — all because he (allegedly) wanted to show his love to a runaway boy!

It’s not the worst, but it’s not much, either.  My point isn’t to bash Layne’s writing; I haven’t read enough of it.  But I needed a disclaimer for pointing you to the article.  After all, it’s the graphic that makes the trip worth it:

 The GOP is so screwed