Happy Hallowe’en

Happy Hallowe’en, rock and roll, and all that jazz. Er, I mean ….

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I posted anything about the return of Tacoma’s legendary garage band The Sonics. But it’s time to catch up, and if e’er there was a testament that rock and roll will never die, it will be the band’s Seattle triumph. The Sonics are playing the Paramount. And I have a ticket.

Meanwhile, over in more diligent pastures, the News Tribune‘s Ernest Jasmin has been faithfully following band-related developments. Some of those posts, from Bring the Noise:

Fellow Tacoma band Girl Trouble, by the way, an enduring fixture of the Northwest rock scene that turns twenty-five this year, is slated among the openers for tonight’s ass kicking. Kate Tucker & The Sons of Sweden are also on the bill.

If I’d bothered to write this sooner, I might have said, “See you there”. As it is, nobody’s going to read this before showtime. Although, in truth, if there is anyone at the show who has ever read this blog, I would be surprised, so it doesn’t really matter, anyway.

Trick or freakin’ treat; I’m seeing The Sonics tonight. Only now, as the day creeps onward, is it really setting in.

Happy Hallowe’enie. Enjoy the candy.

More on The Sonics

The verdict appears to be in. The Sonics unquestionably rock. Many thanks to Peg, whose note reminded me that there is no time like the present to follow up on the potential return of one of garage rock’s pioneer troupes. I’m so late to the party that all I can do at this point is tick off potential venues and wait for the good news.

Ernest A. Jasmin is tracking the return of The Sonics over at Bring the Noise (@ NewsTribune.com), including some interviews, notes on band history, and video from Cavestomp. There is also a great picture of Jerry Roslie, circa 1968.

After my A1 reunion story ran last Friday, I started getting calls from the friends and family of drummer Mitch Jaber saying he should have gotten a mention. The guy’s sister pointed out that the album cover for the album “The Savage Young Sonics” was shot in their Lakewood home. And she alluded to other band members that had come and gone before the lineup we all know and love solidified around 1963. So I went straight to the source for clarification.

“If you wanna go back far enough, my mother was our first guitar player,” Parypa said with a chuckle.

No way. Really? Your mother? Awesome. (Take that, Kenny Loggins!)

So … right. Um … come on, guys … please? Larry, if I have to, I’ll come track you down and get on my knees and beg. Get up there and kick our asses.