FOX News: Too hot for Digg?

Okay, trivia time:

What could possibly be so crude as to be banned from as “adult” material?

Are you ready for the answer?

FOX News.

Seriously. No joke.

Yes, that submission was Adult content. Yes, it was against our TOS, even though it was broadcast on FOX. Unfortunately the domain will not be unbanned. As stated before, if you agree not to submit anything that breaches our TOS, we will reinstate your account.

A group called Brave New Films compiled footage from FOX News into a satirical two-minute video called “Fox News Porn”. Consider yourselves warned.

After what seems to be a Digger uprising, site administrators reconsidered and relented. (Note to Digg administration: Thanks for doing the right thing.)

Dominic Holden noted, at Slog:

We act surprised that the Republican lawmakers and evangelical priests who have railed against a sexualized culture are turning out to be the most sexualized among us. We’ve had the clues for years—demand begets supply.

Get used to this theme. It’s about time people started thinking about the fact that the prudes and moralists who complain most loudly about sexuality and the sexualization of the culture are, in fact, obsessed with sex.