Bug: A necessary correction

Recently I received a comment regarding a post from March about the comic strip Bug. Now, maybe there’s something wrong with my reading comprehension, or perhaps I ought to be embarrassed for not making certain things clear. However, the comment can be read in such a manner to suggest that its author thinks I have something to do with Adam Huber’s wonderful ‘toon. And to that possibility, I must offer a necessary correction: No, I don’t have a damn thing to do with the strip, except to read it and laugh my ass off.

And maybe I ought to be embarrassed for wasting the blogosphere in such a typical manner, though I’m sure it beats becoming a fanboy and making a pilgrimage to Mr. Huber’s home to scream with girlish delight every time I see a shadow pass the window.

Anyway, ’nuff said. I passed the compliment along to the Bug website, and in the meantime, maybe Mr. Huber won’t kill me if I post another, especially with the disclaimer that no, I did not draw this. But I do sympathize with the sentiment, if that counts for anything.

Adam Huber - Bug - July 8, 2010

Click the link to read the thing full-size at the Bug website. And yes, keep ’em coming, indeed, Adam.

I’m so excited

Well, no, not really. It just sounds good, doesn’t it? Or not. It might sound scary, too, but that’s your dirty mind. But for those who just can’t get enough of my ego, I am happy to announce the launch of This Is, a thoroughly useless blog that exploits an old, thin, worthless joke of mine.

Hopefully, it won’t be a complete disaster. Enjoy.

Update to the blogroll

Welcome, please, with your clicks, the latest addition to the blogroll. Regret the Error is a wonderful compilation of corrections, retractions, and assorted embarrassments from the world of journalism, something that amuses me greatly but, frankly, I haven’t the time to do myself.

And, of course, all due apologies for not having figured out they existed—and thus adding them to the “Better Reading” portion of the blogroll—sooner.

Better reading?

I added a new link to the blogroll earlier today. Dan Froomkin’s White House Watch, from WashingtonPost.com makes for good reading if political news is your thing.

Of course, I managed to get the link up as Mr. Froomkin heads off for a short break. He’ll be back on June 2.

Yeah. That’s my bad. Anyway, check out recent columns on Karl Rove, Bush’s recent dust-up with NBC, or the president’s wartime sacrifice. Or just drop the feed into your favorite viewer.

Or don’t. Not my business, I guess.