Brother, Can You Spare an Answer?

Appetite: Electric Kamon with Haruko, just before dinner. (Detail of frame from FLCL episode 4, “Full Swing”)

Every once in a while a question occurs, and it’s true I only ask it in limited circumstances. Still, it persists, because I never have encountered an actual functional answer.

Okay, guys, work with me, here.

Why is female reproductive and urogenital anatomy an insult?

There is a larger question about womanhood and insult, as well. All my life this has been a thing between men; feminization as a form of insult.

But let us be specific, and only spend the seconds it requires on the subject to remind that there are plenty in society who would assert my proper place is on a woman instead of under a man, and, yes, I do remember passing, and did so well enough to hide from myself in my own closet from time to time.

That is to say, I am pretty much certain pussy, for instance, is something we are supposed to want.

So just as a basic question of function: Pussy. Cunt. Twat. What about an insult is desirable?

What? The question persists.

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