The Appearance of … Well, Something

George Washington BridgeIs it fair to say that by the time the key players lawyer up, as such, we can start taking what should have been the silliest political conspiracy theory of the year seriously?

Even worse … well, the transition from silly to serious seems nearly obligatory, doesn’t it?

I mean, sure, if it’s like the difference between politics being my soap opera, my baseball, my celebrity news; you know, that abstract thing one takes more seriously than many of his acquaintances. We argue ferociously, and in more detail than the average consumer of the market sector generally cares to consider, or sometimes even tolerate. And it’s true, I can see it in baseball terms. Yes, it’s interesting that the umpires blew this or that call, but it happens, and I’m certainly not as worked up about it as others; the idea that the league and its enforcers are either incompetent or corrupt is hardly a radical suggestion to me. And I can certainly see why gridlocking a town for four days as an act of political revenge, even if true, is hardly a radical suggestion to the armchair baseball wonk.

To the other, the happy medium I can draw between the fact that Alomar most definitely should not have spit on the umpire that once upon an ugly memory, and the alternative that yes, the umpiring was so bad that I’m relieved it was just spitting and not grievous bodily violence, probably would not have brought comfort to anyone trying to function amid the Fort Lee gridlock.

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