Update: Lindy West takes her Twit and goes home

Well, nobody could see that coming. Before I had time to get up the preceding post discussing Lindy West’s arrogant histrionics, she took the drastic step of blocking me from her Twitter account.

My crime?

@thelindywest It’s @SethMacFarlane, FFS. Who expects PC or feminist humor? Don’t presume nobody notices. It’s just part of the expectation.

No, really:

Gosh, Lindy, whatsamatta?

Even better, Ms. West offered me an animated picture of someone named Alithea making a masturbatory gesture.

Briefly, then: You’re doing it wrong, ladies.

Alithea, doing it wrongNo, really, you know, my mother occasionally has to remind my ten year-old daughter, “That’s not right, dear, you don’t have ‘walnuts’.” But, you know, my kid is ten, so she’s saying things about getting kicked in the walnuts to be obnoxious.

You, however, are adults. Quite certainly, you know how to pleasure yourselves. At least, one would hope so if one should ever dare to imagine you pleasuring yourselves. I mean, sure, we all know that elephants and cows have sex, but neither do we sit and stare when it happens nearby. You know, general decency.

So given that you most likely understand the dynamics of how to properly fuck yourselves, the only question that remains is why you’re so afraid of actually having a discussion. Lindy, you might not like the shrieking harridan bit—I know I don’t—but one might be inclined to wonder why you’re so anxious to play the role. After all, it seems one form of intolerance that is acceptable to you is hatred of diversity.

It’s a simple question: What does anyone expect of Seth MacFarlane?

Followed by another: So the Academy got exactly what it asked for in hiring MacFarlane. Why is this somehow shocking?

Keep shrieking, Lindy. You make an excellent role model for my daughter: That, dear, is an example of how to make things worse.

Perhaps you think keeping Rush Limbaugh and other members of the right-wing He-Man-Woman-Hater’s Club well fed is your great contribution to the future of womanhood and humanity, but in reality, you’re just empowering the very attitudes you shriek against. I suppose that’s nice job security, if you can get it. But stop making things harder for women in American society. You know, decency? It might behoove you to get some.

Of course, if I’m wrong about your motives for hiding from the obvious question, and you’re simply running for the exercise, just let me know. That much I can get, though I would probably suggest that you’re still doing it wrong.

I would have just gone with “histrionics”, but the arrogance became clear when Lindy decided to pick up her Twit and go home. Or go whine to someone else. Or whatever.

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