Why does Facebook suck so badly?

Mark Zuckerman is a scourge upon humaniyI was thinking to let my Facebook friends know about my blogs. And then I had cause to reconsider.

See, every time you post a link to Facebook, it offers an icon to go along with the post.

Unfortunately, in the case of one of the blogs I write, Facebook will not allow me to post a picture of the blog’s author—i.e., me.

Fair enough. But I just don’t think the blog is appropriately represented by …

  • … a picture of Mark Steel wearing a straw hat.
  • …a cartoon of Herman Cain wearing a bra on his head.
  • … Bob Englehart’s self-portrait.
  • … a screenshot of a tweet about why NASCAR fans aren’t racist. (And why their behavior is Barack Obama’s fault.)
  • … a cartoon of Newt Gingrich.

Those are the options Facebook allows me. Because, well, you know … Facebook knows best what defines my blogs.

This is why Facebook sucks, and Mark Zuckerberg is a scourge upon humanity.

One thought on “Why does Facebook suck so badly?

  1. Facebook has Games & wants you to Invites Many friends,
    But No No No, if you try to invite more than 10 = U are BLOCKED !
    Then to get back on YOUR profile & YOUR Pics, you will have to
    almost BEG to have them unlock it for you.
    And the Only way to get this is to send them copies of your
    Driver`s License, Birth Certificate, etc… = NOT !

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