My opinion, based on someone else’s critique of yet other people’s opinions, or something like that

If you want my two cents on the fractious relationship between genre and literature (derived, of course, in consideration of someone else’s), it’s over at the Southern California Writers’ Conference blog.

If you don’t care either way, disregard this note.

Why does Facebook suck so badly?

Mark Zuckerman is a scourge upon humaniyI was thinking to let my Facebook friends know about my blogs. And then I had cause to reconsider.

See, every time you post a link to Facebook, it offers an icon to go along with the post.

Unfortunately, in the case of one of the blogs I write, Facebook will not allow me to post a picture of the blog’s author—i.e., me.

Fair enough. But I just don’t think the blog is appropriately represented by …

  • … a picture of Mark Steel wearing a straw hat.
  • …a cartoon of Herman Cain wearing a bra on his head.
  • … Bob Englehart’s self-portrait.
  • … a screenshot of a tweet about why NASCAR fans aren’t racist. (And why their behavior is Barack Obama’s fault.)
  • … a cartoon of Newt Gingrich.

Those are the options Facebook allows me. Because, well, you know … Facebook knows best what defines my blogs.

This is why Facebook sucks, and Mark Zuckerberg is a scourge upon humanity.