The hurt of injustice

Troy Davis is dead.

“Justice,” said Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens, “has been served for Officer Mark MacPhail and his family.”

And yet, the subconscious emerges: Joan MacPhail-Harris said, “I will grieve for the Davis family because now they’re going to understand our pain and our hurt.”

That is, does she grieve because the Davis family, too, will know the hurt of unjust death? Somebody, please, remind them to thank the widow for that.

Perhaps Troy Davis really is guilty, but it doesn’t matter now. His execution reminds that this really wasn’t about justice, but, rather, blood.

5 thoughts on “The hurt of injustice

  1. My heart is so heavy today.I grieve for the Davis family and all of us. I took every action I could against this execution. I also grieve for the McPhail family, I am sure many, many feelings will come up for them in the next few years. I imagine that for so long they operated with the thought that this would give them peace. But I have found in my own life that it is my ability to forgive that allows me to feel connected to other people. It is my ability to love without an agenda that allows me to feel the love that is given back. It is sad, but I feel certain that the peace they are seeking will mot come from the death of Troy Davis. How could it? I don’t think anyone who has really felt suffering can find peace in causing suffering.

  2. I am not an american, I am from Canada, a mix of hungarian and first nations mix. I have seen this case and do not support the death penalty, my mother always taught me two wrongs dont make a right, but I guess in the eyes of a US judge leage lynching is, and that is just what I witnessed. A legal Lynch mob publicaly broadcast their victory, it sickens me that the family feels justified now that they have KILLED another person, I heard the lady say, “Now the Davis family will know what we are going thru” Glad you made your point, bravo, now live the rest of YOUR LIFE knowing you KILLED another human life…

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