Obama will destroy America! (Like you hadn’t already heard, right?)

The Infamous Che ObamaI have this persistent nightmare that President Obama really is sinister, but the Tea Party still has it all wrong.  Every once in a while, the thought occurs to me, Why not give them what they want, let it all go to Hell, and settle this argument once and for all? But that is an awfully cruel outcome.

Still, though, what if President Obama really is a closet Marxist, and by giving over to conservatives damn near everything they want, he is setting up the United States for its grand and glorious collapse?

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An Open Letter to David Horsey

Dear Mr. Horsey:

I would only suggest that there is something amiss about this whole debate when you find yourself compelled to disclaim that “the fact remains that nothing has proven anybody’s words inspired Jared Loughner’s actions”.

I would ask everyone to stop and think for a moment. At the core of the question about violent right-wing rhetoric is an issue we’ve been tolerating in these United States for longer than I’ve been alive (thirty-seven years). Indeed, I’m sure if I looked back beyond the advent of rock and roll, I could find the same arguments.

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