I admit, this is surprising

All things considered, the numbers are surprising to me. Then again, I’m not hip, anymore.

The top-earning tours of 2010, from Pollstar via BBC:

  1. Bon Jovi, $201.1m
  2. AC/DC, $177m
  3. U2, $160.9m
  4. Lady Gaga, $133.6m
  5. Metallica, $110.1m
  6. Michael Buble, $104.2m
  7. Walking With Dinosaurs, $104.1m
  8. Paul McCartney, $93m
  9. The Eagles, $92.3m
  10. Roger Waters, $89.5m

And just because it’s fun, I thought I should mention that I had to go elsewhere for Metallica’s total, which the Beeb omitted from its article. So I landed at the Vancouver Sun, which carried Dean Goodman‘s story for Reuters.

From Goodman, since the Vancouver Sun has the earlier time stamp:

In a field dominated by rock acts, flamboyant pop star Lady Gaga was No. 4 this year with $133.6 million. The “Poker Face” singer worked harder than any other musician in the top 10, playing 138 shows, two-thirds of which were overseas.

And from the Beeb’s uncredited article:

Gaga, who has become well known for her flamboyant outfits, earned $133.6 million (£86.8 million) from her tour.

But the Poker Face singer worked harder than any other musician in the top 10, after she played 138 shows.

Pollstar itself offered two listings, one worldwide and one for North American tours.

Like I said, I’m not hip. Not only are the numbers a surprise (Bon Jovi? Really?) but here I am chuckling over a ham-handed edit job. No, I don’t know British copyright law; nor am I fluent in the Beeb’s byline standards. So I’m not prepared to accuse plagiarism, but still … I’m so not hip these days.

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