Scenes: Battle Damage Assessment

File under, “Ouch”. And then visit Milt Priggee:

Milt Priggee via Cagle

If the above makes no sense, just skip it. There is no law that says everything must make sense to you.

Or go read “Waterloo“, by former American Enterprise Institute fellow David Frum.

Or maybe Joe Heller:
Joe Heller, via Cagle

Rob Tornoe via CagleOr John Darkow, John Trever, Mr. Fish, R. J. Matson (and a second one), Milt Priggee again, Rob Tornoe (at right), John Cole’s consideration of the long road to reform, Adam Zyglis, or any number of their fellows in the art.

It’s an ugly scene out there. What should be a moment of celebration seems more a time for reassessment. Obama has taken political damage, Republicans are bloodied and bruised, the Tea Party is licking grievous wounds, and our political discourse is a wreck. Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to bank on the hopes of history, or simply walk away and pout.

Mike Lester via CagleI wonder what will change the American outlook and character more, health reform itself, or the desperation our political circus demands?

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