Who’s your daddy?

Obviously, I’m missing something, or presuming too much. Something like that.

Welcome Home DaddyThe caption reads, “U.S. President Barack Obama warned of ‘difficult days ahead’ in Iraq as U.S. troops withdraw from towns and cities, six years after the invasion. Here, a young boy reacts upon seeing his father return from a 12 month tour in Iraq”.

Now, like I said, there must be something wrong with my perception of the frame. Perhaps it’s more fun to simply ask if anyone else sees it?

Okay, okay. So, “Welcome Home Daddy”? (What, you see it now?)

I guess I’m wrong to presume that the child in the picture is associated with the pregnant woman, because I find myself wondering … um … you know … a twelve month tour? Welcome home Daddy? What, is the new one waiting a couple extra months for Daddy to get home? Or ….

Or maybe that’s just unseemly. At any rate, this one made the BBC’s Year In Pictures. There’s only twelve of them, so it’s not all that detailed an account of the year, but, you know, check it out if you’re interested. Hell, I figure a little unseemly humor probably works better than war, massive arson, or swine flu.

Anyway, yeah. I won’t claim this a useful post, but it’s something to do. Er … whatever. I’ll shut up now.

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