The Lakewood Hit: Drama in Blogtime

A Drama in Blogtime: The Lakewood “Hit”

Starting Sunday morning, a hyperlink recap of The Stranger‘s coverage (via Slog) of the assassination of four police officers in Lakewood, Washington:

There are, of course, more stories to come, but this appears to be the drama from Sunday morning to the present.

The dead:

The Lakewood Police Department is all of five years old. According to various news reports, at the time of the shooting, 95% of its original hired force was still intact. As the city of Lakewood, its police department, and the families and friends of the slain come to terms with the fact and magnitude of what has just happened, the region nervously wonders if maybe we aren’t seeing the emergence of a new trend in twenty-first century anti-government paranoia. The Lakewood hit is the second targeted killing of police officers in the Puget Sound region in a month. Officer Timothy Brenton, 39, married with two children, was gunned down on Halloween at 29th and Yesler in Seattle.

In youth, I might have said of an incident like this that when the “revolution”, such as it might be, finally got bloody, I would expect a better reason. There would be nothing about these murders to celebrate. And while I would like to pretend some manner of nobility about my sentiments these days, there really isn’t anything of the sort going on. Rather, age brings a certain cynicism, and perhaps fatherhood brings a certain hope. The revolution I hope for isn’t supposed to be bloody. There is nothing about any murder to be celebrated. These were not rogue cops killed in the line of corruption, but rather police officers assassinated for no decent reason. The region mourns, and struggles to come to terms with a bloody, awful month.