Just … because

Okay, I’ll just quote Dave Segal over at LineOut:

But, you know, Scrotum Poles. Well, it got me to blog about them 30 years after their “heyday,” so respect to them.

See, the thing is that I know someday I’m going to make a joke involving the phrase “scrotum poles”, and this way it will be easier to find again in order to … you know … er—justify the joke?

I don’t know. Or maybe it would be easier to tell people to look them up on MySpace.

I know. I know.


Marriage, prom, and victory ….

Andrea Grimes brings us the latest from the gay fray:

​Not only do the gays and lesbians these days think they have the right to do things like get married and raise a family, they are now demanding to dance in the same rooms as their peers! Fucking ridiculous.

Naturally, when a lesbian high school couple decided to attend their school prom, the only logical thing the school could do was threaten to cancel prom. After all, what straight person in her right mind would shake her ass within miles–let alone feet–of a lesbian? Heck, she might even be tempted not to go back to a hotel room with her sexually inexperienced boyfriend and feel pressured to lose her virginity through vaginal intercourse, which is the only right and proper kind of sex to have. (Except you shouldn’t ever ever have it, ladies!)

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