Art is …. (v.3)

Art is something of a reflection of the soul. True, that is something of a cliché, but little else can be said with so little pretense of Johan van der Dong’s God’s Hotline. The BBC explains:

An art exhibition opening in the Netherlands will allow people to call a telephone number designated for God – but they will have to leave a message.

Dubbed God’s Hotline, it aims to focus attention on changes to the ways Dutch people perceive religion.

Dutch artist Johan van der Dong chose a mobile phone number to show that God was available anywhere and anytime, Radio Netherlands reported.

Critics say the project mocks those with religious beliefs.

Forming part of an art installation in the town of Gronigen, the voicemail message says: “This is the voice of God, I am not able to speak to you at the moment, but please leave a message.”

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