Democracy, hope, parody … oh, yeah, and infomercials

Irony. Just yesterday I was contemplating whether to write a post denouncing fake advertisements posted on YouTube. It’s a point-counterpoint thing. To the one, YouTube is part of the great democratization forced by the internet, whatever the hell that means. To the other, that democratization also means a flood of really crappy art, scholarship, and commentary.

And I have thankfully repressed the memory of whatever crappy fake advert I was watching at the time, but I think it was for a non-existent product, as compared to the following, necessary commentary on a real product that is making the rounds:

And, no, that doesn’t mean there’s hope for us yet. I’ll try to let you know when evidence for that turns up somewhere.

(Hat tip: Thank you, Humpy.)

One thought on “Democracy, hope, parody … oh, yeah, and infomercials

  1. Give that I run a fake convenience store on a blog under a fake name and with an assumed (i.e., fake) nationality I likely shouldn’t comment…

    those snuggies look comfy though.

    10% off artificial sweetener next time you visit my fake store

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