Buddy, can you spare an artery?

ipock-baconexplosionWell, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you’re not alone. Neither had I. So that makes us, I don’t know, troglodytes?

It’s called the “Bacon Explosion“, and Damon Darlin writes in The New York Times that over 16,000 websites have linked to its source.

Okay, add one more.

It weighs four pounds before cooking, two of sausage, and two of bacon.

‘Nuff said?

Thought so.

How to flush your home business down the crapper

You know, if he was selling to the cops, that would be one thing. But there’s no hint of that here. Hector Castro explains:

“A plainclothes sergeant and officer from the department’s training unit were in the bathroom when they heard the man answer his cell phone and attempt to make a deal for the drugs,” police reported.

The suspected dealer, apparently growing more desperate, made several more calls in his effort to sell the drugs, all while the sergeant eavesdropped on his conversations.

As the man left the bathroom, he saw the sergeant and asked if he worked for probation, in the mistaken belief that he was at the probation office.

When confronted by the officer about the dealing, the man reportedly confessed and surrendered his stash of drugs.

Write your own punch line, I suppose. The obvious is already taken.