Update to the blogroll

Welcome, please, with your clicks, the latest addition to the blogroll. Regret the Error is a wonderful compilation of corrections, retractions, and assorted embarrassments from the world of journalism, something that amuses me greatly but, frankly, I haven’t the time to do myself.

And, of course, all due apologies for not having figured out they existed—and thus adding them to the “Better Reading” portion of the blogroll—sooner.

Holiday cheer

Don’t call me a humbug, damn it! Anyway, I’m fascinated at the prospect of engineering this thing. I mean, if you get the holes in the wrong place, or if they’re the wrong size, or something, doesn’t that kind of screw things up?

You know, like that one hole on the end of a recorder that’s actually two holes?

Never mind. Happy happy, and all that. Drink well, stay safe.