Quote of the Week — Steel on the financial crisis

Mark Steel on the international financial crisis. Or, at least, the English share of it:

So all these inquests about why the banks have failed society seem pointless. They didn’t fulfil society’s needs because that’s not their aim. Their aim is to make as much profit as possible for their shareholders. You might as well ask a sportsman why he failed to defend the near post at corners, and wonder why you get the reply “Because I’m a tennis player”.

Maybe it’s just one of those things; I adore Mr. Steel’s television and radio lectures, and his weekly column for The Independent makes for regular reading.

One thought on “Quote of the Week — Steel on the financial crisis

  1. It is a very fair summary, and a reminder to any idiot thinking that ‘the market can correct itself’ means anything good for them at all, are sadly mistaken.

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