Headline of the Day

Herpes: It’s Got New York by the Balls” (New York Magazine)

Oh, har, har. Like we couldn’t see that one coming. I mean … never mind.

Twenty-six percent of citizens who live in the five boroughs are walking around with herpes, a full 7 percent above the natural average. Here in NYC, the rate is even higher among women, black people, and gay men. Straight white men, don’t think you’re safe — you have all of us herpes-ridden women and gay men still running around trying to trick you into having sex with us.

Twenty-six percent? Holy shit!

Even scarier, the national average is nineteen percent. I mean, think about that. At one in four, New York City is deviantly high, compared to one in five nationwide. I’d call it a crap shoot, but you might think that’s a gay joke.

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