I have no idea what this is

This is one of those accidents that I get to blame on someone else. Well, not really. I mean, I did click the damn link. But it wasn’t the video Kelly O was referring to.

Either way ….

Oh, hey, and since I’m not what you would call fluent—or even vaguely familiar—with Polish? Yeah. Let me know. Especially if it’s something really evil.

(Update: After all this time, I found my answer; the song is Czech, approximately titled “Joey the Swamp Thing”, and is apparently quite the famous song performed by Ivan Mládek and the Banjo Band, circa 1978. At any rate, the original link I used broke, and I finally got around to fixing it and figuring out what the song actually was. Is. Whatever. Only took me three years or so to figure out. —bd, 22 March, 2011)